Why Are Metal Buildings Great for Southern California’s Climate?

As a resident or business owner in Southern California, you face specific climate-related considerations that make steel buildings especially well-suited to your area. Sustainable, affordable and easy to erect, prefabricated steel buildings offer benefits to buyers everywhere. However, there are a number of distinct reasons they are especially advantageous for home- and business owners in the southern part of the Golden State.

Why is it that steel buildings are becoming such a popular construction choice across Southern California?

They can accommodate heavy wind, seismic and other loads

Many communities across Southern California have strict building codes with regard to wind and seismic loads. Pre-engineered metal buildings undergo manufacturing in accordance with your local building codes so that your structure offers the strength and durability your specific region demands.

They hold up strong against humidity

The warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean generate considerable humidity during the summer months. Steel buildings maintain their structural integrity and stand strong against humidity in comparison with wood structures, which swell and expand when humid conditions are present.

They come with 40-year paint warranties

Painted wood structures require regular upkeep to maintain their good looks, and environmental factors common across Southern California, such as salt, sand and abundant sunlight, can cause premature damage to painted wood. The paint on steel buildings is not nearly as susceptible to damage, and all of our painted metal buildings also come with a 40-year warranty for rust.

While steel buildings are a top choice among buyers everywhere because of their durable, affordable and sustainable nature, they are particularly appropriate for life in Southern California. Metal buildings hold their own in the face of severe weather, intense sunlight, salt, sand and humidity, maintaining their aesthetics and functionality through the years far better than most alternatives.